OOC - Moar Gratituding

Continuing the trend TheHeroUp started, I would like to thank all of you who made and continue to make this "game" the lively communication medium that it is today.

First thanks goes to Tigersroar13 for being the first person to join the Platform.

Second thanks goes to Rosemary for being the second person to join and for contributing greatly to quite a few of our early discussions. It's nice to see you back!

Third thanks goes to WolfyWolf for being the third person to join the Platform and being the first person other than myself to post in it. I was extremely amazed when David Ball himself responded to that inquiry.

Fourth thanks goes to Winteroak for being the fourth person to join. Your recent posts and insights have been really great and are much appreciated.

Fifth thanks goes to Mobius, whose faith in the viability of this Platform and the great lengths he went to keep this game on the front page early on are among the primary reasons this platform survived it's infancy. It is hard for me to put words to how much I appreciate your contributions. Thank you so much.

Sixth thanks goes to rentiger1 for early contributions and for being the first person to really launch a game (The Singularity) from this Platform.

Seventh thanks goes to Largehobbit for his revolutionary approaches to collaborative game development and game marketing on this Platform. The way you developed and chose to launch Maelstrom really opened my eyes to the potential of the Platform. Your continued ingenuity still amazes me. You requested an award earlier, although it may have been in jest, but I am considering giving you one nonetheless. For now, I am going to give you moderator status and assign you ownership of developing your Fumbler idea, or some form of it. When you get Fumbler off the ground, the Marketing Genius Award shall be yours.

Final thanks goes to aasully, Lily, DaMasterT, WhiteCarribou, DjPanda, TheRyanLee, FallowNorth, Chris, LucianNapreen, Myk888, TheWritingBug, and TheHeroUp for continuing to contribute your thoughts and efforts to the Platform. Thank you all so much!

(I listed names in order of when people joined, in case anyone is curious.)

I've found that this exercize of showing your appreciation of your fellow writers is a great thing to do once a game has been going on for some time. TheHeroUp, thank you for reminding me to do this.

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