OOC - //Hiatus Likely Imminent!//

I thought my life was annoyingly complicated before.

As some of you know, I am very likely one of, if not the youngest writer on this site. That means that the main antagonist of my little story was mostly school. But what do you know, a challenger approaches!

It's slowly becoming more and more apparent that I may need a job in the very near future. School is almost over, meaning time may free up, but I'm not so sure about the future at this particular moment. I really didn't want to do this, especially with Moon-Eye's sudden reappearance, someone whom I honestly never thought I would see again (we wrote together in what is likely the closest thing I can call the golden age of this site as long as I have been involved). However, I fear I may soon have to take her place.

Long story short, while I would like to make sure you all know when or if I won't have time for this any more, if I do suddenly disappear without a trace you all will know why.

Not gone yet, but it ain't looking so pretty.

Mr OW, I don't feel so good.

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