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Summary: I like to eat sweet things. And my fave prehistoric animal is the Dimetrodon.


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Gender: Male

Age: I'd like to think I'll live forever. Who counts this stuff anyway?

Group: Member

Preferred Genres

Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Sci-Fi... Retrowave? No, wait, that's music...

Writing Style Comments

Description is love, descriptive writing is life. Proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling is also important and grants smooth reading.

Participation Motivation

Hey, everybody's doing it, why shouldn't I? In all seriousness though, I'm here just in case I have the odd good idea or thing to say. Mostly a spectator though.

OW Comments/Concerns

Love the platform as I always did. I'll get concerns when I've reason to breed them.

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Image of Silverhelm
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