OOC - The Gelded Goblin


So I started a little game that is basically a repository for poems, short stories and songs. Old or original. The premise is a tavern where bards come to share their creations and players take on the role of a bard.

I see this as being very casual in terms of commitment and while there will be some fun exchanges between the characters in the Gelded Goblin the point will always be the creativity of what the bard character is sharing in their post. I am even happy for players to break the fourth wall deadpool style as long as they stay in character :)

So if you are a closet poet or just want to tell a short story to others without being committed to a narrative then sign up and get posting.

I have just thrown up a little ditty inspired by Ouroborus.. so Mobius I probably owe you some royalties there :)

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