OOC - Writer's Block, the Author's Curse

You've been going great. Your fantastic character is chugging along with their life. You're in a great game with an intriguing, ever developing storyline set in an interesting world filled to the brim with memorable characters. You've balanced work, social life, and hobbies nicely and can sit down anytime to craft your next post.

But you can't. You stare at that blank page as if it is taunting you. You try to fish back but you're brain just can't formulate any ideas. You start to stress about falling behind in the story or you game going stagnant. The stress, of course, only exasperates the issue as you try and force some half-baked gibberish onto the page in the hopes it will form into something passable. But, alas, nothing comes.

It's something I think I can rightly (pun intended) assume that all of us have to deal with. But how do we deal with it? What tricks and tips can you give someone struggling to come up with a post?

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