OOC - Sauria is released

If you want to find Sauria, check this link.

I am very excited since this is something I have building up to, and I hope you all love it.

I just want to put these questions here, which were sent to me earlier by LH. I had answered them just now and want to give you this extra info before you join.

LH said...
Ok so Sauria, Land of the Dinosaurs. If i remember this was a game where you can actually be a Dinosaur. If I were launching this I would want the following pinned down.

1. What Dinosaurs are in the game? Is it a free for all or are you limiting it to a specific time period in which case will there be a list of allowable species?

2. Are these talking Dinosaurs? Is this the land before time? Do they think and or speak like us or will this require a different kind of writing? A game without dialogue...

3. Are there people or cave men around? Can players be people?

4. what are the game mechanics? The answer to this one and how it is managed will make or break the game...

Open world short post format - imo this would be initially interesting but chaotic to manage and short lived
Open world long post format - if you have no dialogue then this could be challenging but easier to manage than the first option
Linear Story - i.e. a bunch of dinosaurs on a journey, do this and you turn it into a cartoon, I mean I love land before time so I am not saying it is bad, it would be easier to mod
A structured survival game with mechanics - Dnd with dinosaurs and dice
A one on one action and consequence type survival game with strong moderator control of environmental consequences - Very interesting but lots of hard work

5. The above might be decided by you focus for the game, is it?
Individual survival
The build up to a larger story such as an extinction event or the arrival of mammals etc...
Dino Combat
Carnivores vs Herbivores?

6. Or sod it all and just start the game because sometimes that is the only way to work out what a game really is. Open up a cool concept, see what your players make of it and live with the consequences :)

And here are my answers

WB said... (Ps: I am WB 🐜)
I just released it, and I feel dumb for not making sure any more people commented here 😆. So I can answer your questions.
1. It is a free for all, however, some dinosaurs like Spinosaurs will have to live by water, and the pterosaurs have to fly to the nesting site to breed.
2. These are talking dinosaurs, but the Dinofolk (I will tell you about them later.) can only hear dinosaur grunts and roars when they talk.
3. There are no humans or cavemen, since they would not have evolved. But this is what I really like. There are groups of tribal dinosaurs, that look similar to humans, called the Dinofolk, they live in huts, and hunt with spears like cavemen. So they are basically cavemen with dinosaur features.
4. I am planning to have different storylines, since there are different groups. There is the great herd, that travels across the continent to the nesting site and back again. There are smaller groups and loners that don't follow the herd. There are lone or pack carnivores. There are a few different tribes of Dinofolk, and there are pterosaurs and marine reptiles, whom mostly don't socialize with the other dinosaurs. So I hope to have a long post format, with characters following slight guidelines, such as when to move on with the herd, or to make sure that not all hunts are successful.
5. I had made it so that dinosaurs survived the great extinction, but mostly stayed the same. There are small mammals and birds similar to what was in the Mesozoic. The focus will be both individual survival, and adventures of curiosity. I may throw in situations such as the Snowfall, which is a lengthy winter.
6. I would love to hear what people think. If they decide "screw the herd, I want to live by myself." Or " I will just try making my own herd." Go ahead, just make sure they don't break rules, and building a massive herd, or a mighty pack takes time.

Thank you LH for these question, and I am glad that I can answer them. This has been a moment I had been building up too. So I can't wait to see it grow.

So if you guys have questions, just message me.

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