OOC - The Issue of Character

I come to you this Saturday, at 1:30 in the afternoon, bearing a message.

I think that a part of the reason some games just aren't doing all that well on OW is because sometimes Moderators, up-and-coming or veterans, make a game that includes an interesting and not-cliche setting, an idea behind it that is a bit more than interesting, and spectacular wordplay to boot, but, by the end of it all, are still missing one important thing. Character.

No. Not characters, I mean character, personality, identity, feeling and emotion. Allow me to put my thesaurus away and explain.

I argue that, no matter how spectacular the mechanics behind your game are, they just aren't enough. Hell, the mechanics should probably be the least of your concerns. They are important, however, when they're made top priority, as I see done so often, the aspect of character can easily be forgotten. I think the Mods of these games should instead prioritize making sure that characters having meaningful and emotionally charged interactions with players first, and worry about the logistics second. After all, if you're going to go through the trouble of making a game, and then making characters for that game, why not actually play it? That is all that is really being asked for here. Play your game. Okay, maybe you just can't, maybe you're busy with improving the game, or maybe you've created so many moving parts to your game that simply allowing yourself to be immersed into it is neigh impossible. I know that there are plenty of Moderators who want to go above and beyond to make the perfect game, but have you ever considered that perhaps, instead of adding more to your game, maybe you should just keep it simple, and utilize what I'd like to call (but what likely has a better and actually real name) Manipulation of Emotion. Make characters that players can get attached to, and by using these attachments against them, you can generate more excitement in the hearts of your players than any fancy-schmancy mechanics can. In my personal experience, there are not many things more fun than realizing you've responded in a very real and emotional way to something virtual.

Think about it; if we're talking games, there are plenty of indie games that, while not having "NEXT-GEN 4K HIGH-END GRAPHICS" complete with a "REALISTIC MIND-BLOWING PHYSICS MATRIX", still manage to sink their way into player's hearts, and in many cases, outshine some of the leading AAA video games on the scene today, all thanks to superior character.

Of course, this requires high-level writing in some cases, and I'm sure there are plenty of other ways a successful game can be made (of course, this wouldn't be a DaMaT post without a fresh coat'a self-doubt on top), but even if you aren't at this level, or don't know where to start, I ask that you at least take what I've written to heart, Wade through the nonsense and extract whatever useful information you can, if any, and...well, just don't forget it. Use it, harness it, that's why I write these.

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