OOC - Idea: OW Quote of the Week

I've noticed in myself an unfortunate tendency to skim over posts (especially lengthy posts) in games that I'm a member of when I'm sure that the content of the post won't affect any of my characters. While this makes sense from a time management standpoint, I am effectively dismissing the hard work that someone put into that post when I do this. I know that when I write a post, I would like as many people to read it as possible, so it is rather hypocritical of me to not extend that courtesy of taking the time to appreciate someone else's efforts.

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person who skims posts. With this in mind, I came up with an idea that I believe we can implement here on the Ongoing Worlds Community Platform that could raise awareness of the genius of our fellow Ongoing Worlds partners.

I'm calling the idea "The OW Quote of the Week". At some point during the week, I or another OWCP mod would put up a post asking members to nominate a character quote, a character observation, or an interesting passage written by another Ongoing Worlds Member in an Ongoing Worlds game to be the "Quote of the Week". The quote could be something they found humorous, inspirational, thrilling, or whatever. At this point, we would choose which of the submitted quotes we liked the most, and then we would put it up somewhere. More on the details of that below.

The idea here is to nominate quotes written by other members, not yourself, with the hope being to ultimately help us appreciate the writing of other Ongoing Worlds Members. Naturally, quotes nominated for the Quote of the Week (QotW) do not have to be written by other Platformers, nor do you have to be a Platformer to submit a nomination.

To sum up what I have so far:

• Once a week an OWCP mod will put up a brief post requesting nominations for the Quote of the Week.

• Members can submit quotes by copying and pasting the nominated quote in Disqus comments of the above-mentioned post, along with an explanation of why they like the quote if so desired.

• We will choose one of the nominated posts to be the QotW, announce the winner, and place the quote in a visual location here on the Platform.

There are still quite a few details that I'd like to get some feedback on.

1. What criteria should be required for a post to qualify for the QotW? My thoughts are that it should be less than 450 characters (so that I can fit it into the game summary section) and be less than two weeks old at the time of the nomination, but I'm open to suggestions.

2. How should agree on which nomination gets to be the QotW? My thought is to use an Apples to Apples system in which the OWCP mods will decide upon a judge for the week, and that judge will choose their favorite quote (the judge will not be allowed to submit their own nomination, nor will they be allowed to pick a submission that they wrote).

3. Where will we put the Quote of the Week? My idea is to put it in the Plot Summary section, but we could also put it in the description or just write a post nominating it as the winner and then put a link to it in the game information section.

4. Does this idea appeal to you guys and do you think you would participate? I think this idea is cool, but I'm biased. The idea will only work if we get a substantial amount of participation, so if not too many people are interested, then we can put this idea to rest for the time being.

5. Any other questions, comments, or concerns?

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