Quote of the Week Nomination Template

Hey Platformers, this is the rough draft of the template that I'd like the OWCP moderators to submit at the start of each nomination cycle. We will be adjusting the bolded sections each week, but the rest will remain the same.

We will not be accepting nominations quite yet, but we should hopefully be able to begin soon.

Please read all the text below and let me know what you find confusing so I know what details I need to clarify.


Congratulations (Author of Quote) for creating the Quote of the Week, and thank you (Submitter of Quote) for nominating the quote! While we get to enjoy this quote, we will begin the process of determining next week's quote.

The judge determining the next quote will be (Predetermined Judge). s(he) likes yadda yadda yadda.

The deadline for submitting quotes will be (Deadline Date).

The rules for submitting quotes are as follows:

A quote can be any brief body of text from an Ongoing Worlds post, from an explicit statement made by a character or a witty exchange between multiple characters to an internal monologue. We will enjoy reading any quotes that are submitted, but not all submitted quotes will qualify to win the Quote of the Week. Quotes can be submitted in the comments section below by any Ongoing Words member, regardless of whether or not they are a member of the Ongoing Worlds Community Platform. When submitting a quote, please include:

1. The quoted text.

2. The character(s) who states/thinks the quote (if applicable).

3. The title of the Ongoing Worlds game the quote came from or an acronym of the game name if the quoted text is lengthy.

4. A link or listed URL to the post the quote came from.

5. Your Ongoing Worlds Username (only needed if your Disqus username is different from your OW Username).

A commentary explaining why you like the subject quote can be included but is not required.

Please do not submit erotic or excessively obscene material. I think pretty much everyone who sticks with Ongoing Worlds for any length of time and would bother to check out this Platform is old enough to handle a few curse words, but we shouldn't need to go overboard with it.

Outside of the above conditions, anything deemed quote worthy from Ongoing Worlds can be submitted, however, only quotes that meet the below criteria can qualify to win the Post of the Week:

• The original quote was NOT written by the submitter.
• The original quote was NOT written by the judge.
• The quote was NOT submitted by the judge.
• The quote itself, the character's name, and the game title DO NOT exceed 450 characters.
• All 5 of the listed points above are included in the submission comment.
• The quote is from a game on Ongoing Worlds.
• The quote was written less than 2 weeks (14 days) prior to the posting date of the given week's nomination post. Posts written during the nomination period can qualify.

During this week, the Ongoing Worlds Community Platform Moderators will also be deciding who next week's judge will be. If you are interested in being a judge for next week or any subsequent week, you can submit an application to Largehobbit AND Nim. Our email addresses can be found on our Ongoing Worlds profile pages. When submitting an application, please include all of the following information:

1. Your Ongoing Worlds Username

2. Your Disqus Username (if different from your OW Username).

3. List a few things that you like. These things do not have to be Ongoing Worlds nor writing related, although they definitely can be.

Please note that we will only be accepting judges from among other Ongoing Worlds Community Platform members (because the judge will be announcing the winning quote). An OWCP moderator will email you if we would like to give you an opportunity to be a judge or backup judge with additional instructions and a confirmation request toward the end of the week.

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