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OOC - Poll: Anyone Interested in a New Game?

I've had a number of ideas for games over the past couple of months that I've been holding onto while I waited for my existing commitments to fade, which now seems to be the case. There are a few ideas that I'm not putting on this list as they would either thematically compete with don't believe I'd be able to manage more than one of these projects at a time, so I thought I'd ask you Platformers which game sounds the most appealing to you. Without further ado:

1. The Amazons of the Coliseum

A historical fiction game taking place in Rome in the year 107 AD, this game would follow the adventures of a mostly-female gladiator troupe after they derailed Emperor Trajan's reenactment of the closing year of the legendary Trojan War by winning a battle that they weren't supposed to win. Most of the OW members would play as one (or more) of the gladiators of this troupe (called the Amazons), but if being an effeminate gladiator (or passably effeminate) gladiator isn't your thing, then players can also play as trainers, Coliseum staff, other entertainers, or spectators. All enemy gladiators will be NPCs, although players can design these mooks and villains if they so desire (just don't get too attached to them).

2. The Dark Age of Aeran

Although largely based on ideas I sent to Rosmary about how I thought the story of the Ongoing Worlds game Two Kingdoms should have ended, the credit for forming these ideas into something that could constitute an actual game goes to OW Members Rosmary and LaserSexPanther. The three of us have been giving this game quite a bit of thought over the past three months and put together this potential game description:

The Dark Age of Aeran takes place in a medieval fantasy world in which magic is a very real phenomenon and humans live alongside dwarves, elves, fae, mages, orcs, werebears, and other fantastical races and creatures.

For centuries, the ruthless Timber Crag Kingdom was the dominant power on the continent of Aeran, having subjugated numerous peoples, nations, and cultures.  However, the once sprawling empire has unexpectedly collapsed after a sudden, devastating defeat that left its army shattered and the royal line deceased.  The vast power vacuum results in anarchy as city-states and former provinces are left to fend for themselves against aspiring warlords, marauding bandits, hellish monsters, and other sinister foes that have emerged from the dark corners of the world to prey upon the disorganized people of Aeran.  In this time of great uncertainty and peril, peasants and nobles alike struggle to survive and prosper while new kingdoms emerge and attempt to restore peace and security, and heroes rise to prove their mettle and defend those in need.

The Dark Age of Aeran is a sequel to another Ongoing Worlds game, Two Kingdoms, however, most of the action in DAoA will transpire far away from the territories of the Two Kingdoms, and knowledge of what happened in that game beyond what is mentioned in DAoA is not required in order to be able to enjoy this game.  The world of Aeran is a world that we will create together, and although a rough map, some race descriptions, a description of the nature of magic in Aeran can be found in the game information section, these can all be expanded as the game progresses.

(WB: if people decide they like this idea, we will continue to flesh out the backstory and work on promotional material for a few months to give your new game time to florish).

3. The Lost Piast

So this game would be really weird by OW standards, as, instead of everyone playing a different character as is usually the case with OW games, we would all instead write the same character. This character would be Mia Von Breslau, a Prussian noblewoman who would be married to the ailing Count Christian Von Fürstenwalde.

Originally married off by her father to help him ingratiate himself with his new Prussian overlords, Mia finds that she actually likes Christian, who eventually reveals to her a dark secret. Christian has been a closet art thief, and has built an impressive private collection of stolen Baroque paintings. Mia is brought in on his schemes to expand the collection and becomes a skilled thief in her own right.

The year is now 1789. Freidrick Wilhelm II is King of Prussia, while in France Storming of the Bastille marks the beginning of the French Revolution and across the Atlantic, the recent United States of America has ratified its Constitution. Count Christian has become deathly ill, and neither the work of doctors nor the prayers of priests seems to be improving his condition. Desperate to save him, Mia follows the rumors of a pagan shaman with potent healing powers said to be living in what remains of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth after the Partition of Poland. At stake is her freedom, and perhaps her very life, for if their stolen art collection were to be discovered...

However, in this desperate land, not all is as it seems, and Mia soon finds herself caught up in a cause greater than her own struggles, fighting for a people oppressed by all of the Great Powers around them, a people on the verge of having their very identity forcefully taken from them. For little does Mia truly know, she is a distant relative to the believed-extinct House Piast, once the ruling dynasty of Poland before they were torn apart by infighting, and she alone may have the power to unite the factions of the dying Commonwealth and allow them to survive the greed of Russia, Austria, and Prussia.

4. Pokémon: Down with the Establishment!

Taking place in Kanto a bit after the hero protagonist Red has thrashed everyone and become the Champion, this game follows the misadventures of Kristin, a Pokémon veterinarian who has become disillusioned with the practice of people enslaving pokémon and forcing them to maul each other. Deciding that she has seen enough pokémon casualties from this horrid practice, Kristin embarks on a quest to end pokémon slavery. However, she soon learns that there are reason's why the world is the way it is, and if she hopes to survive long enough to create the change she hopes to, she is going to have to seek the protection of someone from the very establishment she hopes to take down, someone who makes a living by capturing and pulverizing pokémon... a trainer.

Players can choose to be pokémon, trainers, Team Rocket grunts struggling to rebuild their criminal enterprise after Red ripped them a new bunghole and forced their leader Giovanni into retirement, or canon characters such as gym leaders and such. Kristin's narrative will be one that other players can choose to involve themselves in if they wish, or they can create their own stories that may or may not intersect with that one. Either way, change is coming to Kanto...

5. Engines of Chaos Rebooted

Inspired to create a game that the entirety of OW might be interested in participating in, myself and a handful of others developed a "Come Together" game prototype that we called Engines of Chaos. The basic premise was that a bunch of random heroes/heroines from various universes were assembled into a team tasked by a mysterious entity called "the Being" to save the multiverse from dark forces that wish to cause mayhem and destruction.

There is an ongoing discussion about continuing EoC, and the way I would like to procced is by making a separate game the diverges from the Come Together concept in favor of having a more coherent and manageable narrative. The premise would be the exact same, with players creating characters from various universes who would be put together into a team due to a latent, unknown power that, when unlocked, allows them to speak and comprehend all sentient languages along with other, more individualized to-be-discovered powers. This team would then be sent on missions to various universes, usually to thwart the designs of other malevolent factions that have discovered the means to traverse the multiverse.

Initially, the significant changes from EoC will include:

1. Factions that have not become part of the narrative yet will not have a faction page nor a character group until they are introduced.

2. I will try to roll with only one team unless I get a lot of applicants and a very capable co-mod who I can share all of my cards with and who will then guide the narrative of the other team.

3. I would like all initial members to make a hero character before they make any other characters. If anyone doesn't want to make a hero character but would still be interested in participating in the game, I would like them to email me first before drafting a character.

A fair bit of the introductory material from EoC would be copied over into this one. Returning members desiring to continue with the same character could probably copy and paste most everything up until the just after the character's encounter with the Being.

6. There are a Bunch of Other Games, You Should Join One of Those

This isn't really a game idea. I'm throwing these ideas out here because I think that OW could benefit from one of them being made into a game, but if you think my time and efforts would be better served supporting an existing game, feel free to let me know which one(s) and what you think my contributions would be able to do for that/those game(s).


In order for me to be able to more easily discern the actual level of commitment to the above posts, I'd like commenters to rate suggestions 1 through 5 with an A, B, C, D, or E, with:
A meaning "I would definitely join this game and I am interested in being a co-mod"
B meaning "I very much like this idea and I would join within a week or two"
C meaning "Idea seems like it could be fun and I'd probably join within a month or so"
D meaning "I might join if my other commitments dry up"
E meaning "Not interested"

Thoughts, suggestions, and concerns related to each idea could be made after that. So, a comment might look something like:

1: B
2: C
3: D
4: E
5: B

Idea 1 Comments

Idea 2 Comments


Idea 5 Comments

Idea 6 Comments

Overall/Final Thoughts


These ideas are not fully fleshed out nor explained (except 6 maybe). I will write a followup post for the idea that seems to be the most attractive to the participating commenters (unless idea 6 is by far the most popular). Thank you for reading. I look forward to seeing your thoughts!

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