Maelstrom : Creating the Deep Delve

I have just done some work tidying up the game information and welcome posts etc and am now at a point where I am going to open up with world to the Delve and Elesium. These are sizeable additions to the existing world and as such here I am for a little world building input.

So the Basics you can learn about what sits above the Deep Delve HERE

A Brief History: The Deep Delve was the underground haven where people hid from the cataclysm that destroyed the ancient world. It was high tech, advanced beyond what the people of Dusk understand as modern technology. The ancient men of the Delve used science to keep them alive for all those years.

The Ashen: Were produced through selective breeding and genetic adaptation to mine the upper Delve for Flagesium. They were still basically human but more able to resist the effects of Flagesium and the Darklands above. It was they that first emerged from the Delve and founded the settlement of Graymire. They were later pushed aside as their master emerged to reclaim the world above and live now in squalor above on the outskirts of Graymire, their past forgotten.

Mechans : The Elesian mechans and the Spider-like mining machines of the Upper Delve are nothing compared to the complex automatons that were employed to serve the ancient men of the Deep Delve. The Refines Flagesium Matrix used to power and controlled these wondrous machines was said to be able to mimic the human mind.

Mutants: Men wanted to go further than what they had achieved with the Ashen and so pushed the boundaries of their Thaumaturgical research beyond what would have been considered legal or moral in the ancient world. The results were twofold, firstly the emergence of a plague like that recently seen in the City of Dusk forcing humanity to flee the Deep and seek a new life above. The second result was unknown to all but a few, the experiments had been successful and deep beneath the earth a new race had been born.

Today the mutants are ruled by a powerful being known as the mother and they have links to the Clockwork King and Ashen yet to be revealed.

So there we have it. The Upper Delve is currently on lock down and under the thrall of Abigail and once that situation is resolved I want to open up this area for play. So help me flesh it out, any ideas welcome?

1. What could i call these mutants, they surely wouldn't call themselves mutants?
2. I have ideas around luminescent tech, how could I develop that?
3. Should humans be able to survive down there, plague withstanding
4. Will the mechans work for the mutants or be a separate power down there?
5. How can I flesh out the Ashen and Mutant cultures

And anything else you fancy suggesting. None of this is cannon until the post its done :)

Happy World Building

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