OOC - May Winning Quote

So the winning quote from the nominations is... written by Esimed nominated by GardensTale. I just loved the almost meta piece of it, as well as the randomness. Took me three weeks to get the accent right in my head, but still... :P Well done Esimed and the others who submitted!


“I ‘ate to say it mate, but I think this one killed ‘erself. She was acting funny last night; I wish I’d known what it meant. But the wound looks self inflicted and if this place ‘as a mind of its own, I reckon it will be more upset about the man just went up in smoke than ‘ow we dispose of our dead. I don’t want to stick around to find out. Less just follow the one and only bit’o guidance we got. And light or no this is as good a place to explore as any. Come on, just follow my shiny curls and we may just be alright. Now, you all ‘eard ‘im say Comic Con, yeah? What the fuck is that?”

- Daphne, Nefritia
(Post link: http://www.ongoingworlds.com/games/3596/posts/178)

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