OOC - The Mandate Needs You!

Hello citizen! Have you ever looked up to the stars and marvelled at the beauty that is there? Have you ever looked upon that view and knew that you were safe because of the peace brought by the Mandate?

Do want to help bring that peace to the worlds of those stars, to share in the greatness of social harmony?

Then you needn't look any farther, for you are already a part of it! Simply locate your local recruiter and join the Mandate! We are ecstatic to bring your enthusiasm into the ranks of people just like you!

Be the brave soldier of peace upon the lands of barren worlds as you wished to be! See the stars in the most powerful fleet known to the galaxy! Know that you are what keeps the dark away from the evil of usurpers and tyrants who would destroy the most treasured of all to satisfy their immoral needs!

Your local recruiter is located at ##!error!##[blacklink.exe]detected!##@@ reroute_standard_link @@%## http://www.ongoingworlds.com/games/3663 ##, be sure to sign up today!

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