OOC - July Quote of the Month Winner

There were several very good entries into this month's round, and it was very hard to choose between them. When looking at the submissions, I tried to firstly judge the content on its own, and then researched how it fit into the wider post that it was quoted from. Ultimately, I decided on GardensTale's submission:

Now Gemma had her brother’s attention. “Were you looking at her ass?”

“I was making sure she got off the bus safely.” Jules offered a bit foolishly.

“Did all of her make it off the bus safely or just her ass?"

Congratulations Esimed! You can read their post here.

I chose this specific quote because it provided insight into the personalities of Gemma and Jules as well as developing their relationship. Furthermore it was effective in setting up possible future plot points: Jule's infatuation with Sophie as well as possible conflict between Gemma and Jules. Even a minor strain on a relationship during an apocalypse could have dire consequences.
Soloman Scourge is a relatively new game, and seems to have an interesting premise and execution. I would recommend checking it out.

Thank you to everyone who submitted quotes, and congratulations to everyone who had their quotes submitted. I look forward to next month and seeing what new quotes might be put forward!

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