The Simming Endeavor: Episode 11

So here we are, The final week of the Simming Endeavor. What's the Simming Endeavor I hear you ask? Well read all about through the link below :

The Simming Endeavor

So I made it to the final guys and this week we are having lots of fun wrapping up the story and voting for the first place winner!! There is also, as you will see a request on the forum post asking for votes from the public for your favorite writer etc. I am not asking you to vote for me, but after some arm twisting from Charles I am asking you to vote. If you know me but have not been following closely enough well that just simplifies your choice somewhat lol.

But seriously guys it has been a blast and I am so excited to have made it to the final. And for those of you who are reading this thinking yeah ok Largehobbit hurry up and get back to your games already!! I promise that I will do exactly that... very soon!


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