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OOC - Another DND Campaign

Okay, to explain this. I just finished DMing a homebrew campaign called Nox's Quest. Which I was very proud of and my players had a great time. If you can guess, I'm actually so proud of this campaign that I am actually going to putting it in OW, why? Well it had a LOT of roleplay. So I think it will fit in just fine.
Now what is Nox's Quest? "Well in the Continent of Shibkai, there were two Tiefling brothers who were legendary heroes. They were known as the Blackrose Brothers. They were Nox and Minkcular Blackrose. They are known across the lands for their great acts, however two months ago, Minkcular disappeared. His brother finally has put out posters for anyone to help him on his quest to find his brother, Minkcular." It's going to be a bit dark but have some wholesome moments, players will start at level one, and use whatever source books you want. I will be putting up a Discord for this game. Anyways, that's all I have to say, happy holidays.

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