OOC - Game Idea: Star Trek

I have been throwing around ideas and settings of a few new games and I wanted to share them with you. I've primarily been researching Star Trek as I feel that it does make a good setting for a PbP game. Of course, it's one of the most popular and successful settings for PbP games. A long history of fleets that is still going strong today is evidence for this.

I am also a fan of Star Trek. Not a super fan, I can't say I've watched every episode. But the setting and the world building has always fascinated me. With a ship and a crew exploring the galaxy, there's a lot of possibility for storytelling. It's one of the reasons I love Blue Dwarf so much.

With a Star Trek based game, I think it would offer a different feel and a different flow than Blue Dwarf does. It could be more rigidly episodic, with the status quo more or less returning at the end of each event. It might keep the pace moving and stop the game from stalling (at least that is what I would hope).

What I've come up with so far is exploring a post-Dominion War galaxy. The Dominion War was effectively the Second World War of Star Trek and could offer the opportunity to develop a more crippled and damaged Federation than we have seen on screen.

What I think would be interested in is setting up a sort of galactic rush into a newly discovered sector of space. Perhaps a technobabble loaded barrier broke down and allows travel into a previously inaccessible region of space near to the major Alpha and Beta Quadrant powers. It would give us the ability to write new alien species but also have run ins with Klingons, Romulans and Cardassians as they and the Federation rush to establish influence and power of a new region of space.

I quite like the 'unprepared' nature that Star Trek Voyager has, which kind of subverts the original series of Star Trek and The Next Generation, and it's a bit easier to inject humanity into them. So, I think I would prefer to write with a crew of slightly more rough and ready Starfleet officers, pressed into a mission they didn't expect. Their ship is drafted into an exploratory mission as they are nearby and one of the few available ships.

That's just an idea I had rolling, so if anyone has any input or would be interested in discuss it further then let me know!

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