Looking For Crew Members

Weyland-Yutani wants YOU.

Chariot of the Gods

System: Alien RPG

Players will be given 48 hours to post in the Discord channel, after which the GM will move the game along. I will post a joint summary of the game on OW at certain points.

Players: Looking for more members to join the crews of the USCSS Montero or the USCSS Cronus.

Term: This is a 3 Act cinematic scenario, so there is a defined end.

Status: Act 1 Recap: The crew from the Montero has boarded the Cronus, a derelict that has been missing for 73 years. Investigating the ghost ship proves trepidatious when they discover a possible pathogen and one of the Montero crew reveals a secret. Then the Montero crew wakes the surviving Cronus crew from cryosleep to discover there are deadly parasitic alien organisms aboard.

Act 2: The team is currently trying to find a way off the Cronus but have lost communication with the Montero.

The game is currently split between two ships whose crew have no idea what is happening on the other. If there are any survivors, we may continue on with a new scenario.

Characters: Each character has their own personal stats and agendas from the starter set, on top of the main mission. As the game has been going for a while, you can only choose your character from a list of NPCs. You don't need to have any knowledge of the game mechanics, I can do all the rolls for you unless you feel like learning. It's actually fairly simple.

Combat: Don't get too attached to characters, there will be deadly combat and some of you WILL die, this is Alien after all... but hey, it will probably be pretty cool, right?! In the event that you should perish, there are more NPCs to choose from. The game does have a defined ending, hopefully there are survivors

The system is another Free League system similar to Tales From the Loop and Mutant Year Zero

Current unclaimed NPCs

USCSS Cronus crew
- Second Officer Valerie Reyes
- Security Officer Albert Johns
- Dr. Liam Flynn
- Lori Clayton, Corporate Liaison of Weyland-Yutani

USCSS Montero crew
- Paddy Lohan, Pilot


Don’t be shy, come and die. ;)

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