This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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Game type : Collaborative Fiction, no overt game mechanics

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Available races :

Human - The dominant race of Midgard thrown into an age of darkness following the turmoil of the Ragnarok.
Elf - Once proud and immortal, the elves of Midgard were stranded with the sundering of the world tree. They have lost the immortal spark and have been reduced to a wandering race of vagabonds, despised by men as thieves and tricksters. They long to return to Alfheim and will do so be any means necessary.
Half Elf - Rejected by both men and elves, half elves live on the fringes of both societies.
Dwarf - Like the elves, the Dwarves were stranded on Midgard following the Ragnarok. Unlike the elves they have settled and thrived in their new home. They live apart from the other races, viewing humans with scorn and elves with pity.
Jotun - very rare in Midgard they are solitary beings stranded following the sundering of the worlds. They tend to shun civilization and little is known about them.

The Rules :

1. You decide your actions, the game decides the consequences
2. Be considerate to other players
3. Stick to the genre and remember the Gods are Dead, so you cant be one (Yet!)

Combat : See rule one
Magic : See rule one and three, but otherwise feel free to be creative