The Dark Hall

Something about the light felt odd to Mimir. Not familiar like the rest of this place, but now altogether foreign. It definitely didn't help his unease, just as Luna's outcry. While he agreed with Varan's thoughts, he came up to her to offer a softer reproach.
"We need stealth with us at the moment. As great as our luck has been, announcing our presence here will only push that to its limit."
Erik took up the rear again, both for security and his size. He was grateful he didn't have to stoop as much here, which would allow better movement for a fight he could only assume awaited them at the blue lights. He held his hammer tight as they continued, his gut churning with anticipation.
Theo kept a close eye on everyone, keeping particular note of Tiella as they moved. He hadn't much suspicion of her for much of the trip, but in the darkness something seemed off. Her eyes.... something about them unnerved him.
He kept close to Balar as they drew closer to the lights source, bow drawn and notched as he looked to their haggard leader.
"Any plan here or do we just pop in and see who's home?"

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