The Chariot

Balar gave a grunt of amusement at the words of Theo;

"Sounds like the only plan we have."

The group walked forward toward the soft glow of the far room and were soon standing beneath the wide archway where they could clearly see the source of the light.

They stood in one of many entrances to a wide domed room with a circular marble stage set in its centre. Upon the round surface of the stage was worked a glass mural that seems to shift and shimmer, projecting a play of multicoloured lights on the ceiling above, but this was not the source of the golden light.

At the heart of the mural sat an alien structure of pure brilliant gold. It appeared to be a cage of sorts. Golden hoops floating equidistant from the ground to the height of around thirty feet. They were joined by golden chains and the whole contraption seemed to be containing swirly cloud of mist sharing the colour and brilliance of its container.

"Well that's a strange looking chariot." Balar grumbled.

Luna gasped with delight and stepped forward toward the raised marble. Artemis gave a cry and came to alight upon her shoulder.

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