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Summary: What a pritty night


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Gender: Femail

Age: 18

Group: People of Midgard


Luna is an elf.




Dark/ but good

Physical Appearance

Luna has wight hair and exstremly pale skin. She has striking bright blue eyes.

Personality and interests

Luna is drawn to the moon and nighttime creatures. She little interest in old elf tails but is very interesting in the legions of the dark elf’s. She loves the night and is not a fan of the day.


There’s not much to tell she grow up in a normal family with the same stores. She has always enjoyed the tails of the dark elf and there abilities. However once her family found out that she had dark abilities she was sent away.

Starting Equipment

She has a silver staff with a crescent moon Carved into it.
She also has a spell book.

Special Skills

She can conger shields, manipulate shadows hand has some limited healing abilities.

Darkest Secret

She has a connection to the dark side of magic and can hear the shadows.

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Image of Luna
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