Town Bound

Olin settled a blue and white cloak around Varans shoulders after procuring a few needed items for later. Something to help protect her from the elements. All of them. Olin never underestimated the value of comfort when traveling. "Perfect for a huntress like yourself." He complimented.

Varan was still very much captivated by the mage’s charm, accepting both the cloak and compliment appreciatively. “The wolves killed the ice giants,” she sighed, “the enemy of my enemy may be my friend, but I swear, they shall not harm you, not as long as there is icy breath in my body,” she swore, drawing her dagger.

Coming upon the gates of the city, the half-elf hesitated. “Generally speaking, my kind have not fared well in cities,” she said aloud. “Though the wolves themselves would be brazen to follow.”

"You kind typically are not accompanied by such a mottley party." He reminded her. "I am sure between the giant, dwarf, and elf a wayward snowflake like yourself might not garner as much attention as you think." Olin paused a moment in though. "Unless you would like to be the center of everyone's attention?" He added with a sly smile.

His was the only attention she sought, Like most of the half-bred, she was content to remain in the shadows, even artificially conjured ones.

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