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Summary: Try everything once... unless you are mortal


Gender: Male

Age: He has forgotten

Group: People of Midgard




Mystic - abilities unkown


Chaotic Good

Physical Appearance

Mimir appears in his late 50’s ish, having a balding head and aged skin.
He is physically fit for his appearance and has decent strength.
Tattoos and runes cover his head and travel down his neck to fill his back. Some travel along his arms and legs until the elbow and knee.

Personality and interests

Although usually a serious and focused being, Mimir was well known for being a jolly soul in his downtime.
While fighting for order, a drunken brawl or night of revelry are cherished events for Mimir


To be revealed...

Starting Equipment

A pouch of coins hidden in a private place and a mysterious old book that he is constantly consulting.

Special Skills

To be revealed...

Darkest Secret

To be revealed...

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Image of Mimir
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