Into the Dark

With the Dagda’s cry the party charged through the path, though Mimir was slowed in following.
He wanted to aid his friend, hopefully sparing his new realm and Dim from Fenrir’s wrath.

“Move old one, this is his choice!”
Erik nearly picked up the elder, being sure to take up the rear due to his size.
While he did not have the same kinship with him as Mimir did, Erik knew all too well what those wolves could do. He wished to spare Mimir of that sight.

Dyvia was hard pressed to keep up, but she wanted to prove to herself she was a part of the group again. Pushing through her legs protesting, her gift added an unfamiliar weight to her left that made her feet lose their step every now and again.

Theo found this portion of the journey more to his liking. He easily stayed near the front, unable to see but still hearing the ground moving to allow them through. He chose to ignore the continued howls.

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