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Summary: Where's the fun in it if everything is going just as planned?


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Gender: Female

Age: 19

Group: People of Midgard




Hunter (Giant Hunter)


Chaotic Good

Physical Appearance

Varan has features of both her mother (ice elf) and father (human). She has long blue-black hair and ice blue eyes, as well as pointed ears indicative of an elf. Her skin is fair with a bluish tinge, She stands shy of 6 feet and has an athletic build.

Personality and interests

When not tracking or trying to eviscerate giants, Varan is lighthearted and playful. She tends to be fiercely loyal - friends of half-elves are hard to come by, you take care of the ones you have. She’s easily beguiled by anything shiny, turning ordinary objects into bracelets or necklaces. She has a deep respect for nature, and an even deeper respect for her profession.


Varan was born to an elven mother and human father, the latter a mage stranded on Midgard. He promised to take care of them both and take them to see the world. As it would turn out, she has several half elven siblings from the same father all born with the same promise. The half-breeds were not accepted by the elves, however they were raised in the shadows of Niffelheim, trained as hunters. The living conditions of the half-breeds was poor, the training conditions were harsh, over half the troupe never passed childhood. Those that survived were not tasked with hunting for food or protecting the elvene, they were sent to slay giants. To date, Varan has assisted in one kill, though she may brag more.

Starting Equipment

As an elemental half-ice elf, she is able to conjure weapons of ice, such as broadswords, daggers and claws
A sewn pouch she uses for treasures
Bracelets, necklaces and anklets made from shiny objects
*Currently holds the soul stone (Tiella) and the Mind Stone (Olin) and has no clue to either*

Special Skills

Hunting and tracking
Giant slaying (or at least attempting to) including sword proficiency
Jewelry making with various objects
The ability to withstand the harshest winter conditions

Darkest Secret

Plans to seek her human father and kill him by stabbing him through his heart with an ice dagger or arrow. She’s never seen the man, but keeps the description her mother gave close at heart. If it is the wrong man? So be it.

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Image of Varan
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