In the City

Tiella watched the gods with a strange mix of wonder and regret. She remembered this place. In another life the All-father had brought her here often. Silently she glanced at Mimir; this mystic reborn and wondered how much he remembered of this place. She could see from the sadness in his eyes that some deep memory had been stirred.

She placed a hand on Balars shoulder, feeling him soften had her touch. The betrayal was becoming harder now. She had grown to like these people and in Balar she felt a kinship that she could not explain. The woman he had known, the previous occupant of this body was long gone yet the love seemed to remain and to her surprise was reciprocated.

"We should not disturb them." she said in a low voice. "We need to find this Chariot belonging to Freya."

"Freya!" came the mimic cry of her raven twin and she shot it a glare. Now was not the time for tricks. Luna had adopted the creature with no clue as to what she had laid claim to and now was not the time to draw attention. They were almost home. Asgard awaited them!

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