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Summary: A healer with one hand bathed in blood.


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Gender: Female

Age: 120

Group: People of Midgard


Half Elf




Lawful / Good

Physical Appearance

Long blonde hair and bright green eyes, she is a beauty. She is small of stature and quick to smile.

Personality and interests

Tiella is the brains behind the business at the Hangmans Noose. She is quietly interested in the Elves and their legends, but for her own part tries to pass as human to avoid persecution.


Balar saved her from a mob in the city of Erenheim, they were about to burn her as a witch after she healed a young girl. In turn she has saved his life many times over with her talent. She came with him Nettlehole twenty years ago to build a family but no child was ever born.

Starting Equipment

The Hangmans Noose and its contents.
An elven dagger that draws on the life force of its victims (Her fathers)

Special Skills


Darkest Secret

Her healing power is paid for by death and blood. She killed her elven father and brother.

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Image of Tiella
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