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Summary: Silence creature, die with some dignity.

Theo Lebins

Gender: Male

Age: 56

Group: People of Midgard




(Only takes payment if it is for other humans.)


Chaotic neutral

Physical Appearance

Stands tall at 7'4", all 195 lbs of muscle.
Scars cover him from his years.
Right eye stabbed out, leaving an empty socket he never hides.
Carries trophies from hunting "magical creatures", adorning several necklaces.
Several rough patches of skin on his back and shoulders. Oddly durable.

Personality and interests

To humans he is a jovial man, willing to buy anyone a drink and to tell tales of his hunts.
When he is employed for a magical target, he becomes brooding and grim, willing to kill non-human men, women and children.
Fears magic, though will not cower from it.


As a youth, he had the dogma of fearing magic beaten into him, his father a man broken by the effects of Ragnarok.
Learning the weaknesses of many races, he began his life as a sellsword at 16. Hubris and hormones led to a dwarf gouging his eye out, which in later years became a heavy reminder if the brutality if the new world.

Starting Equipment

Dual swords
An enchanted bow (a trophy from a slain elf)
Troll hide armor
A helm made from a young giants skull, reinforced with iron bands
A ledger of his current contracts

Special Skills

Durable skin, able to withstand more than the average man
Mastery of sword and bow
Decent smith

Darkest Secret

When young, found out that his mother was not human.
He never found out what she was, though he never spoke to his father again.

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Image of Theo Lebins
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