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Gender: Female

Age: 27

Group: People of Midgard






Mostly good, depends on the situation

Physical Appearance

Dyvia is short, of course, but tall among female dwarfs. She stands at 155cm. She is sturdy and muscular and her bosom and hips are wide, giving her an hourglass figure.
Dyvia has a round face and strong jawline. She has a small, upturned nose and freckles that some would call "cute", if they dared. Because Dyvia has sharp almond eyes that are always glaring. Dyvia's skin is pale but it has been reddened a bit around the face.
Dyvia's bright red hair reaches her waist and she usually keeps it in a tight braid so it won't burn during forging. Dyvia decorates her braid with unusual looking feathers whenever she finds some.

Personality and interests

Dyvia is temperamental, straightforward and honest. If she doesn't like you, she'll let you know.
Dyvia is good at reading people and thus she can discern really quickly whether someone is worth her time. If you aren't you won't see her ever again if she doesn't wish it. If you are she'll call you her friend and practice her well-honed sarcasm on you. But you'll get help for a fight and a hell of a nice sword for your troubles. Not for free though, friendship discount is 20%.
Dyvia has a good sense of humour and when she's not yelling at you or throwing sarcastic comments she can make really good jokes that'll certainly make you laugh. Dyvia is usually not a people person but when she's in a social mood, and/or drunk, you'll never meet a nicer dwarf. But stay away from her when she has a hangover, if you want to live.
Dyvia is not that hung up on her race or how people and elves are different from dwarves. She'll judge you based on your personality, not your past or race. You treat her well and she won't beat you up, maybe.
Dyvia is thick-skinned and she won't get hurt by words, or not visibly anyway. She keeps her problems to herself and in a fight she looks out for number one. But if you are able to become her close friend Dyvia is fiercely loyal and will help you with your problems. If you want to know about her problems you'll have to dig for a while, and be prepared take more than a few punches. Dyvia is not good at emotional stuff.


Dyvia's was born for a couple of mercenaries that were a part of a mercenary gang. The gang was a mix of all races and all kinds of people and Dyvia grew up knowing that race didn't mean shit when you stared death to the face. She had no illusions about the world's true nature and knew that you can't trust anyone you hadn't fought with, or against, in a drunken brawl.
Dyvia's parents died when Dyvia was 4 and the gang raised her in their stead. They were tight and looked out after each other. Dyvia stayed with them until she was 16 and they trained her to be a warrior through and through. Dyvia was going to stay with the mercenaries for her whole life but changed her plans when they stopped at a village that had a top-notch smithy. Dyvia fell in love with the art of forging and the town blacksmith agreed to take her as his apprentice. The mercenaries allowed Dyvia to leave and find her own path. So Dyvia stayed and learned the blacksmith trade. It took her 6 years to perfect her skills and overcome her master. And when Dyvia's master died when she was 24 she left that small town. She has been going from town to town for a couple of years now, using her skills to make a living. Both her skills as a blacksmith and skills as a warrior.
Dyvia wants to find a place to call home and have her own smithy. But travelling is in her blood and she hasn't been able to settle down.

Starting Equipment

Warhammer/forging hammer.
Evil warding amulet, a memento from Dyvia's parents.
Large bag filled with essentials, like dried meat and alcohol. Oh, and maybe a first aid kit.

Special Skills

Great at using a hammer, both in and out of smithy.
Good hand-to-hand-combat skills.
Pretty handy with a knife, more than handy at throwing it.
Can use some elemental fire magic, uses it mainly while forging, and can cast simple enchantments to the weapons she makes.

Darkest Secret

Dyvia's parents were killed by Harlequin and she yearns to avenge them, by any means necessary.

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