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Summary: Come closer ... I will tell your future for a price ...


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Gender: Male

Age: 20

Group: People of Midgard




Skratti (Warlock)


Chaotic Neutral

Physical Appearance

Olin defies the typical look of the muscle-bound testosterone soaked males of his clan. While clearly male and lacking any androgyny or any effeminate features. He lean and slim lacking and broad or bulkiness typical of his warrior clan. His hair is black, long with a rife with thin braids adorned with a variety of beads and light green eyes, he very pale with little color to his skin. He wears his clothing in layers of dark leather and cloth.

Personality and interests

Morose and pensive Olin had spent his life in forcible servitude of his clan. So he approaches everything with cold logical detachment as the only way to cope. That is to not to say he doesn’t experience emotion but rarely lets it reflect in his action unless it’s in the throws of his magical function and duties.
Olin ate and breathe nothing but magic and has come to a singular understanding. Anything is possible but there is a price for everything. Even so, Olin is a man confident in his skin and a sense of unwavering confidence. In spite of his servitude, his gifts have influenced him into a darkly charming, highly sexual man.


While the circumstances of his birth remains a mystery and not man form his clan claim him (Maybe out of shame?) Olin had the misfortune of being the only child of the resident Skratti, worse, he was born male. Given universally Skratti were female this was a distressing revelation to the clan and in spite of his mother’s efforts, she seemed unable to bear another child to spare Olin intimate rigors that eventually would be required of him.
Olin did not take the role forced on him well and for the longest time and after one too many attempts to liberate himself his own mother bound him into obedience. So began a life of relentless servitude learning the various aspect of magic capable of a Skratti. Olin proved both talented and inventive having no choice but to reluctantly accept his role waiting for the opportunity to free himself from his own people.

Starting Equipment

Olin wears a collar made of wolf teeth, beads and bone with no discernable seam or clasp. It is connected to green seer stone to force Olin into compliance and obedience.
A bag of bone runes
Various tools for creating magical fetishes
Olin does not carry any actual weapon nor does he know how to use them relying wholly on magic and others for protection.

Special Skills

Olin is as a Skratti is able to bend air (able to use it defensively and offensively), create minor, simple illusions. He is able to perform various rituals with runes magic being his particular focus.
His air magic also lends him an enhanced sense of smell.

The bulk of his power lies in his oracular abilities. However such talents require tremendous power and the most efficient is through the carnal arts. By pooling energies with a willing partner he is able to divine snippets of the person's future. In addition, Olin is able to also manipulate his partner’s energies, either absorbing some for later use as fuel in rituals or raising the power of his spells. Alternatively, he can instead lend his own energies to them boosting their own magical abilities or battlefield prowess for a time.

Lastly giving the highly sexual nature of his magic he can willfully invoke the carnal desires from those around him. Though the geas the collar put him under can restrict this natural ability.

Darkest Secret

Olin’s magical collar restricts the magic he can use. He can use magic to protect himself from an attacker but only minimally. Olin cannot touch the seer stone and cannot take any action to harm the person holding it. Essentially the collar put him under a geas of the whoever holds the seer stone.

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