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Summary: A retired warrior with a debt to pay and everything to lose.


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Gender: Male

Age: 115

Group: People of Midgard




Warrior and Owner of the Hangmans Noose


Good, Lawful

Physical Appearance

Despite his age Balar appears as a man in his middle years. Dark shoulder length hair and brown eyes. He has a scar on his right cheek.

Over six feet tall and muscular he is an imposing figure.

Personality and interests

Balar is strong and silent, content to leave his life of adventuring behind him. He is proud of his small business, built with his own hands and paid for with his own coin.


Balar came to Nettlehole twenty years earlier with his wife and purchased the land to build his inn. Though he has seen battle and adventure he rarely speaks of it, choosing the live a quiet life

Starting Equipment

The Hangmans Noose and its contents
A magical amulet

Special Skills

Brewing Ale
Killing people with sharp objects
Long lived - see magical amulet

Darkest Secret

Balar made a deal with the devil (Harlequin), in exchange for a magical amulet that would extend his years. In return he owes the bastard a favour.

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Image of Balar
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