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Summary: Mistress control your emotions.


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Gender: Mail

Age: Who knows

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Dark elf




Dark but good

Physical Appearance

Shadow appeared in many forms depending on when he is called. At the moment he talks the form of a shadowy figure. Unwilling to show his true form as not even Luna has seen it.

Personality and interests

The loyal servant and Gide of Luna. He usually talks in riddles and never gives a straight answer. He believes that Luna as the chosen voice of the dark realm will bring joy and light back to the dark elf’s.


Shadow was once part of Midgard before ragnarok. After ragnarok he was stuck in the dark realm of eternal night with the other dark elf’s. The dark elf kingdom is full of hate and malicious. It is said that an ordinary elf with a connection to the night would be able to bring joy and light back to the dark elf kingdom.

Starting Equipment


Special Skills

Can travel using shadows between the dark elf kingdom and Midgard. He can not intervene with Midgard however leave objects in Midgard.

Darkest Secret

He has gone to great length to protect Luna even keeping her knowledge of her own power and the shadows limited.

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Image of Shadow
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