The Route Beneath

Each of the party took what gifts were offered and then followed the Dagda from the hall. They travelled deep beneath the earth then following a winding path through what appeared to be a labyrinth of tree roots.

The roots seemed to writhe and part as the Dagda moved through and looking behind they closed up once more shutting off their retreat. Several hours seemed to pass in silence as they moved on and then as if from a great distance, the sound muffled by roots and loam the howling of wolves could be heard.

"The wolf has learned of our ruse." The Dagda said, "and sooner than I had hoped. Run all of you! The path will open before you. I will try to delay the beast."

And with that the Dagda was running back toward the sound of the howling.

"You heard the man, run!" Balar cried as he charged forward into the darkness.

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