First Gifts

The Dagda listened to the the words of Luna and nodded gravely. "To protect your friends is a noble request and I answer it gladly. To protect you people... perhaps you should await your meeting with them before you commit yourself as their warden, but the offer is made so you will not be denied."

Reaching into a nearby chest he removed three silver vials. Handing them to Luna he spoke, "Each of these vials will heal all but the most grievous of wounds. Use the liquid within wisely and only at the greatest need."

He reached into his tunic then and produced a small silver acorn. "If you deem your people worth of salvation, and should their survival be in doubt crush this shell under foot and aid will be provided. Beware however, should your kin be found unworthy of this aid, it would be better to leave the shell whole and untouched for judgement follows its breaking."

Leaving those cryptic words hanging in the air the Dagda turned to Mimir. He released a long sigh at the request and smiled as he let a huge hand rest on the old sages shoulder.

"What knowledge I have I give to you old friend." a surge of power passed from the forest lord to the ancient man. A feeling like a cool summer breeze caused Mimir to shiver and while he know not what part of his timeless mind had been unlocked he felt sure that new knowledge was now available to him. A memory slowly working its way to the surface..."

The Dagda laughed out loud at the request of Dyvia. "Ha! a simple, yet elegant request. I have just such a hammer."

He wandered away for a moment then rummaging through the piles of items until at last he came back with a gleaming silver hammer, wrought with runes.

"It is called Bandru'k a tool of the ancient dwarves and a great treasure of you people long forgotten. Use it well and wisely."

To Erik he gave a nod of understanding and to Theo he pointed out a large barrel of the finest of arrows and charged him to take his fill.

"They will not break and they rarely miss."

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