Farewells and Fortunes

While he had not known the dwarf for long, it was no easier to hear of Dim’s decision. Despite his shortcomings, Mimir had already grown accustomed to him.
“I could think of no better place to stay.”
Rising with the others and joining them at the Daghda’s vault, Mimir spoke to his old friend.
“My thanks for your hospitality and my apologies for bringing such troubles to your door. I ask for nothing but one more question, do you know if anyone else survived as you did? It appears with the end of our world, I no longer have the knowledge I once wielded.”
Dyvia went to bid Dim farewell, a part of her envying his willingness to stay.
“I think you’re the smartest one here for staying. I hope you find your peace, Dim.”
Erik only offered a nod, his experiences with the dwarf too few to be truly moved by his absence. Giving Dyvia a nudge to signal her to follow the others, they soon looked in awe at the treasures of a god.
Dyvia was quick to take this chance.
“Haven’t had a chance for it, but I could never argue with a better hammer for when I can work at a forge again.”
Erik’s odd glance received a shrug.
“We all have our reasons to keep going. Might as well think ahead and my current one works well enough as a weapon.”
Beside her came Theo’s voice, addressing his wishes.
“All I would ask of you, Great one, is perhaps a few arrows. I, um, have acquired my own artifacts to help me.”

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