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Summary: Intelligence of a six year old and the strength of several average dwarves.


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Gender: Male

Age: 34

Group: People of Midgard






Chaotic Neutral

Physical Appearance

Tall for a dwarf at 5 feet and change, he has been mistaken for a short human sometimes. Has an unkempt brown beard and wears a poorly made coat of fur patches with stitching so loose you can see his hairy chest right through. His arms are thick, muscular and vein-riddled. Tends to look a little glazed-over.

Personality and interests

Dim, is, well, dim. He's not just the dimmest bulb in the box, he's likely the dimmest in the whole shipment. On an average day, his IQ can be compared to that of a 6 year old child. As such, his interests are mostly animalistic impulses. Eat, drink, sleep, fuck if anyone lets him (most women are turned off by his childlike personality).

But just as a child will throw a tantrum when it's mad, so will Dim. But in his case, a tantrum is a frothing destructive spree of mowing down whatever angered him using his two sizeable double bladed battleaxes. Attack is the best defense is his favorite strategy, although he has a hard time understanding the concept of strategy. Or defense.


To be announced

Starting Equipment

Two double bladed battle axes. They're usually meant as a compact two-handed weapon, but Dim dual-wields them.

Patchy fur coat.

Half a rabbit.

Special Skills

Actually has fairly sharp eyes and has learned rudimentary tracking. He was able to learn it because it's literally step-by-step.

Other than that, just being strong and not understanding enough about morals and consciences to be bothered by either.

Darkest Secret

Is terrified of word games, riddles and puzzles. They're a reminder of his lack of intelligence and confuse him a lot. His first instinct is to swing his axes at whatever is posing him the riddle.

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