The Soothsayer

Hearing the plan unfolding, Theo couldn’t help but wonder how these people had survived this long. Another good question would be what forces then stayed his weapons from their throats.
The current idea being thrown between the ancient and the elf was having a calm conversation with the eternally enraged death-kin wolf.
Looking to the others didn’t make it easier. While paying attention, Balar was busy doting over his revived wife. The jotun and dwarf were joining in the conversation. Dim was..... that couldn’t be..... Theo couldn’t help but feel pity for his food.
Peeling away from that spectacle, his eyes fell upon the ever close couple of the ice elf and the shaman.
“We need someone to talk to him. I am afraid our shared past makes it impossible for me to do so and you are quite brash in his presence.”
His ears perking up at Mimir’s dilemma, Theo remembered the Shaman’s “specialty” and raised from his seat.
“What about him. He seems to have a way with words... and people.”
Mimir didn’t take long to think it over, Olin’s powers and skills giving them the best chance they had.
“What say you Olin, would you speak with Fenrir?”

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