What's the plan?

<<”Yes and no.” Luna said, trying to answer Caligari’s questions. She thought for a moment. “I was exiled by my people because I could speak to the shadows and had an interest in the dark elves. Eventually I found the resting place of the Lunar staff. The shadow lead me to it with three riddles. The staff allows me to borrow their power and call on them. The magic does have a price though. My skin burns easily in the sun and the shadow magic is not as powerful when the sun is up and I also lose strength faster.” Luna said with a smile.>>

Caligari had gone years without speaking to another living soul and now she was having real conversations with two of them at the same time. It was easier than she expected, but required some taxing neckwork.

“Well yeah, magic always comes with a price, girl. A steep price, otherwise everyone would gladly pay it. I was exiled by my people for my magic as well. Maybe sixty years ago? It’s been hard keeping track of time out here.” She looked the young woman’s sunburned skin over and offered her cloak. “It might smell, but it’ll shield you from the sun, some of ya, at least. Is kind of weird, your shadows being weaker when the sun is up? Don’t the sun give rise to more shadows than anything else? What’s your staff capable of?” she almost blurted out. “I could take a look at it if you wanted.”


<<Kespin cackled into the freezing wind. "Ooooh they are useful from time to time, though I haven't been desperate enough to seduce a bear. Though if there is a more, practical, need for them, I'll have you know my vigor hasn't waned either.">>

Cali gave an answering cackle of her own, “Hah! I’ll be the judge of that. I honestly believe you already, but I’d still like to see the proof for myself. We can make camp anytime you feel froggy.” She looked over to Luna and gave her a wink. “Might be a lesson the young elf can learn in all that. There’s a lot of magic in the sharing of sensual relations.”

She grew very serious and looked behind at the others who were following close at hand. “I’m guessing you lot been through … some aventures. Not sure what all that entails, but Hella won’t meet us for a friendly chat and I can promise you do not want to know what lies in store if we fail. The Necromancers draw their power directly from Hel so it serves none of ‘em to betray their devotion to her. How’s it you plan to convince ‘em to abandon their allegiance and source of influence?”

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