No Drama

As they walked Balar turned to Cali asking, "What do you sense? This realm is more yours than any of ours."

Hela turned and looked up at the old witch, "Oh please do tell daughter. What do you think of my garden?"

"Do not be bated by her." Heimdal said as he glared down at the child.

"Oh please," Hela quipped, "You are such a bunch of stiffs, I mean not even a "beware she is more than she seems!" Where is your sense of drama. I find it hard to believe my brother recruited you all. Say what you like about Harlequin, He always puts on a show."

"We are not here to perform." Balar growled.

"No you are here to kill me and so far I have to say you are doing a terrible job of it. Ah this way." She laughed and skipped towards a clearing in the garden where a deep blue pool sat shimmering in the sunlight.

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