The Stowaway Job

Rowan smiled not that they could see it. “The reason I did not space you was the cargo was more valuable than you.” he said. Pushing the subject “far worse things are out here, like me and ya I could do worse things to you. we are out here, and no one would know, and you are cute I could of think of some things and then sell you to the Hutts you are good looking enough to get a good price and your droid too.” He said crossing his arms. “but all that can wait for now fallow me.” he turned and walked out.

Walking down the corridor he turned slight left. In to the common and kitchen area “he turns to Qunit. This is the kitchen there is food there. Its standard tins, you pick the one you want there and put it in there and when done it pops out. the drinks are stored here as he points to the locations. Pointing to the front there is communicates room and cockpit. the communications need some repairs, and Red has work on the engines and drives.” He looks around. “dam droids, C4! And ET!” he yells. Two R6 units roll in beeping and whistling wildly come and stop in front of Rowan. He looks at them “don’t look at me you dum droids look at her” he commands. The droid’s heads spin to look at Qunit. “She will be with us try to be a help to her. Your both spare parts of a trash compactor.” He walks to a hatch door he opens it. There is a corridor with a ladder halfway down the corridor. “If we get attacked that’s where the top and bottom turret controls are take the top one.” He says walking to his right there is another hatch “this is where my quarters are it is best you stay away from them.” He walks towards the cockpit. then stops “don`t call me Captain, I am Rowan. You can call me Rowan. It is the way. I will be in the cockpit if you need something the droids can get you anything you need.”

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