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Quint Stargazer

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Group: Jedi




Quint is a Jedi Artificer and is good with technology.
She is execlent with light sabers, their design, construction, combat, and repair.
She is good with repairing droids and ships.
She is okay at repairing other things and gunnery.



Jedi (New jedi)

Physical Appearance

Quint is a short thin woman that looks like a teenager. She wears the robes of a Jedi. She has red hair and blue eyes. She carries a saberstaff and a light saber. The color of her saber staff is yellow-orange. Her lightsaber is blue.

She has an attractive droid.


Quint is a fairly quiet person till someone asks about light sabers or technology. She carries herself well as a Jedi, though her master thinks that she has spent more time contemplating light sabers than she has how she responds to the force.

She follows the Jedi code, though she does like to use the force when she is working on technology a bit.


Qunit is a new Jedi, mainly because her Master was killed and she was framed for his murder.

She has an “abnormal enjoyment”of technology and would rather work on lightsabers and other Jedi technology then to listen to her masters teachings. She was warned many times by her master that using the force with technology will lead her to the dark side.

She was taken from her home and started her training at a young age. She does not remember her parents.

Special Items/Ships

a saberstaff and a lightsaber.
A protocol droid

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Image of Quint Stargazer
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