Air to Air

As they reach the top of the lift the lift doors were barely keeping the blaster fire off them. RED-1 was in recue mode he blaster fire was not affecting the droid. much. RED turned and ripped the door out and held it in front of him and Rowan. Rowen use RED and the door as cover as the moved. Rowan kept moving form one side to the other of red trying to keep the Storm Troops guessing where he was going to fire from.

The two droids in Rowans were beeping and whistling enthusiastically ad they fired the ships turbo blaster turrets. C4 and ET were doing there best to keep the Troops busy moving around. ET kept rotating Rowans ship the Ranger to keep the empire guessing. As a hell of ship fire cam down from the Star Destroyer throwing debris everywhere. The shimmer of the ship shields showed that it was not damaged.

As RED and Rowan move, Rowan was shooting both of his DE-10 heavy blaster pistols one right after the other hitting Vidal spots in the Storm Troops armor putting them down with every shot. The continued to move looking at the Jedi fighting holding their own. Rowan wondered if it would not be better to cut and run. As they got close to the ship the ramp lowered RED and rowan ran for it jumping on running up the ramp. Rowan knew most of the others made it on to Mars ship. Rowan jumps into this Pilots seat with a flick of the controls he turned the ship to face the troopers and the other shuttles. He activated the ships Dual heavy laser cannons. Firing a burst of blaster bolts at the Trooper and shuttles in front of them. the bolts explode sending troopers and other equipment flying the last few hit a transport it started to smoke and hit the ground.

Rowan heard Quint yelling and knew it was time to go he look at his sensors and saw Marss ship was in the air and moving away. "Does the names Vinor Jissard and Vin Hambul mean anything to you?" Explosions still rained down from the star destroyer blasts. "I think they can lead us to your bounty," she said.
Rowan knew this was not the time. “Not now Quint, we have to get out of here focus on the battle” replied Rowan.

"Hey, big bad Mandalorian!" Mira hailed Rowan. "We should get the hell out of here before that monster decides to attack, or that fleet opts to bombard the entire place!" Mira had taken the Void Swift to a higher altitude when the sensors picked up that creature in the storm. It was making a bee-line to the Swift.

“Right, on are way.” said rowan. He pointed his ship to get out of there and he accelerated matching the speed of any fighter could be there. the ship shot out of the bay in into the sky. He saw the monster too but know it was no real threat to him he could just outrun it. The Star Destroyer and fighters he was worried about. First wave of fighters was coming in. They were five Tie Interceptors fighters they were not going to make this easy. “Quint! Tie Interceptors, they are fast you have to lead them.” yelled Rowan as he fired heavy laser cannons ant one fighter catching it off guard. The cannon fire ripped through the right side panel of the fighter destroying it. the fighter went spinning off. the others broke formation taking evasive action.

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