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Summary: Rowans Droid


Gender: Droid sounds male

Age: Unknown old

Group: Mandalorian




Medical Rescue Specialist Droid
RED is programed in Medical and rescue specialist knows over 10,000 types of communication and languages. It can operate most types of sensors it excels at medical skills RED can diagnostics injury and ailment and it is qualified to do complicated surgeries. RED can fix computers, repair ships, and droids at a lower level of qualification. with ship engineering skill RED can see the best way to get to people in trouble, it helps with investigations of ships or crash sites and the risk of something happening to a ship. It is good with its attachments in Melee Combats well as a brawling like style RED uses to defend itself or to get through things when rescuing people.


Droid of Rowan
The droid has none, it a droid

Physical Appearance

Physical Description: it built like a B2 Battle Droid but little bigger dirty black body with other dull markings. It stands 2.0 meters tall.


This RED-1 tries to fit each of its exploration and encounters into the grand scheme of the meaning of life. RED-1 is not a very thrilling personality, being more thoughtful and reserved than a dynamic motivator. RED-1 often adopts a “Let’s act and see what may occur” or “Maybe it was meant to be” attitude. It seldom initiates combat or aggression, but this doesn’t make it a pacifist; once it gets into combat, RED’s can be as formidable an opponent as any Droid of his class.
It is best suited to legitimate and lawful in combat situations, the RED-1 will often hang back for a round or so to gauge the situation and analyze things. In doing so, it may see something the other characters have missed more enemies creeping out of a secret panel, an exit tunnel that would allow them to escape or the stealthy motions of an enemy assassin creeping around behind one of the crew. But it won’t hesitate long, particularly when it could mean life or death to its crew. In situations, it tends to be very analytical, choosing his words carefully, thinking all the while.

Heuristic Processor Module: RED-1 is very intelligent and also gained a reputation of having the uncanny ability to sense what the problem is and the next move might be, often resulting in accurate predictions concerning the whereabouts of their quarry of what their next rescue would be. His Personality module was advanced enough to rival that of even the most sophisticated protocol droids in the galaxy. RED-1 could easily communicate with other beings including their fellow crew, whether sentient or droid. Due to its advanced design, RED-1 could also deploy as Medic and Crash investigator droid.
RED-1 in the product line was programmed to respond to horrible situations with humane and non-lethal force only. Typical equipment for most REDs ranged from MED scanners. Huge arms and have hands and other equipment to clear obstacles they can be armed with stunners.
Their programming also included a subroutine which allowed it to change tactics when confronted with a dangerous challenge. RED-1 also earned a reputation among its last colleagues and employees of being determined and optimistic to complete an assignment though some found the droid's optimism quite annoying.

Personality and Quirks: to devoted to his job. Will not hurt or allowed to be hurt by anyone.
Objectives: It just wants to help.
Motivations: It serves and works his job and anything to assist.
A Quote: “That was not too bad”


The RED-1 is one of the most remarkable units ever rebuilt by a droid company called Crash. It refurbished and built droids to serve as rescue and medical droids on ships. The Droid called RED-1 is physically tough and imposing as one would expect a Rescue droid to be, standing 2 meters tall and having a powerful crimson bipedal frame. It is the original programming of the 501-Z droids makes it special. This Droid is so unusual, rather than being emotionless and uncaring as most droids are, Red-1 is actually both eager and helpful. With programming to rescue and help those in need that is so strong that the droid only can be used as a Search and Rescue medical droid. It cannot be reprogrammed to serve as a bodyguard. RED-1 will often pursue those who need rescue to great lengths even risk destruction in the line of duty. RED-1 is well equipped for Rescue, having a tough frame that can withstand a great deal of punishment, enhanced sensors, and a holorecording and playback unit that can record and help in reducing the risk next time or be used to show images what it witnesses. RED-1 has no built-in weaponry and has two large Arms that could rip someone in half or though doors and bulk heads though RED-1 rarely uses them as lethal weapons. In fact, RED-1would never uses force that is likely to kill any sentient living creature. They are, however, willing to use what force is needed to protect themselves or who they are trying to rescue and or an opposing droid, as long as innocent bystanders aren't put at risk. The RED-1 has built-in armor but is also capable of draping humanoid armor on its frame for added protection. RED-1 will do so if this increases its ability to help others.

Empire destroyed the last ship he was assigned on. He was set adrift for some time and was found by a Rebel team. He eventually was found by Rowan in a forgotten cargo crate that was retrieved from the destroyed ship and left in the hold. Rowan discovered it when the new crew was looking over some old supplies. Rowan charged RED for a day and did some minor repairs, getting RED-1 up and running. RED-1 does not remember much about what happened on the previous ship he was assigned to after some time, It Rowan is its assignment.

Special Items/Ships

Equipped With:
Armor versus physical attacks, and energy attacks.
Medical Scanner Medicine, and related skills Range 2 meters.
Improved sensor package Thermal helps with Search checks Heat based.
Vocabulator the droid is capable or organic speech.
Translator Unit knows 10,000 languages and forms of communications.
Tool Mounts The droid has four appendages that have tools attached to them.
Medical attachment, Vibro-Saw and assorted tools.
Socmp-link interface with computer ship for computer programming or ship repair.
Heuristic Processor the droid is able to learn by experience.
Fire Extinguisher obvious use of putting out fires and smoke screens.
Welding Laser helps in any repair situation in which it would be helpful. It can also be used in combat.
Armored Juggernaut Droid Arms for lifting and Brawling Punch, and tearing though thing like doors.
Recording and projection Unit Audio and Holographic.
Comlink (Personal) build in the broadcast and reception Range of 50 kilometers in clear weather it can monitor up to 10 frequencies. simultaneously.
Low-Light Vision: The droid can see twice as far as a human in dim light.
Telescopic Vision: The droid's visual sensors include a long-range capability.
IR Vision: can see infrared spectrum and in the dark.
Sensor for search range: 300 meters away.

Items/Ship Descriptions

Med packs and other things carried for Rowan

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