Crush it and Stop Playing Around!

All the while, Liden stared and watched, eager to see how Jin'Lor's abilities would prove against the Phantom. A part of her was desperately hoping he would succeed.

Cursing vehemently as he used both a knife and Liden's lightsaber to block, Jin'Lor used the Force to call back the knife he had thrown earlier. It stabbed at the creature as he kept a defensive position. "Woman! This isn't exactly fair when I have no clue how to deal with it!" He yelled angrily as he sheathed his knife and grabbed the flying one.

Realizing he was reaching a wall, Jin'Lor jerked to the side and rolled away. "Pissing me off..." With the Force, he pushed the Phantom back and began to crush the armor as he allowed lightning to build and dance along the lightsaber.

"See if you like this!" Jumping to the Phantom, he slammed Liden's lightsaber into the armor and let it join in with the force crushing it. The lightning went white hot, cutting at both the armor and Jin'Lor as he let out a loud and angry growl.

Each wound he received seemed to heal just as quickly, letting a strange steam rise off of him with how fast it occurred. Despite the rapid regenerative abilities he had, he still felt the pain and cringed, but kept putting pressure onto the Phantom with both the Force and his lightning, hoping it would destroy the armor and this monster.

Jin'Lor could only recall one other giving him this much grief in a fight and it unsettled him, but if he could get this damned armor to break...


Then he frowned. "Wait fifty years?" Suddenly it became clear that with his odd healing, the fact he was probably older then everyone else on the ship was very likely.

Ryze raised an eyebrow. "I'm pretty sure you've noticed I'm not exactly human." Setting the shirt back down, he sighed heavily. "It's complicated..."

"In either case... We should probably..." The ship rocked and shuddered. Mar sighed and looked towards the lift to the bridge then back to Ryze. "...get to the bridge and see what's going on."

Frowning as he recalled who was driving, Ryze looked to Mar. "What is that woman doing?" He grunted and made his way to the bridge. Stopping short for a moment, he gazed at Ghost for a long moment. Shaking the worries away for now, he stepped up next to Mira. "I don't suggest playing with Razor..." Ryze informed before hearing the loud roar that always came before a large energy blast from within the beast's maw.

"Get out of the storm. Now!" Both Ryze and Ghost yelled as realization dawned on them.

From within the storm, the beastly creature known as Razor lifted again and opened its mouth wide. A strange light that resembled white fire began to form in the back of its throat as the roar built up in volume.


VT-L2 began to literally scream as he tugged on the dress Quint was wearing at the moment. His sensors were going haywire and induced panic within the little droid. "Get off the planet! Off the planet! It's going to kill us! Kill us!"

If the little droid could cry, he would.

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