Serenity was quite for a moment. She looked up at Tal. “ but the dark side of the force is bad and so are emotions.” She said she was not understanding or willing to accept what Tall was saying. A fimilar voice encoded throw the forest. “ you forget my teaching padowne” a wave of anger washed over serenity.

“ go away paren you don’t care you never did that’s why you left me all alone ” the child screams as she steps away from Tall. The anger quietly trasisiond into grief. She was so hurt by the event of his death.

“ you forgot what happened that day I know the inquisitor was to power full I faced him alone to save you. It was I how hid your presence from the inquisitor. I regret that i left befor your Traning was complet. Your emotions are not the enemy tingling it is you who control them” Perrin said.

Serenity simply Burt into more tears. “ master Mar help” she cryed. Her cry was actually hired by those around her as well.

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