It Gets Worse

"Get out of the storm. Now!" Both Ryze and Ghost yelled as realization dawned on them.

From within the storm, the beastly creature known as Razor lifted again and opened its mouth wide. A strange light that resembled white fire began to form in the back of its throat as the roar built up in volume.

Mira merely smirked as she banked right just before Razor unleashed whatever horrific breath attack he was building up to. Then she dipped the Void Swift up and out of the storm as a stream of white fire erupted from the clouds just behind them. Mira gunned the engines and took them out of the atmosphere. That was when they came face to face with the small contingent of star destroyers still in orbit.

"Hit the stealth mode!" Mar shouted as he pointed to a large switch on the console.

Mira was quick to do so and when she did the ship seemed to power down somewhat and the engines slowed. From the outside it looked like the ship had faded from sight. Now it was just a matter of seeing if the star destroyers had seen them before they had activated the stealth system.


It took longer than Jin'Lor hoped, but eventually he wore down the Phantom's armor and it began to fall apart. Soon the hulking metal monster fell to pieces. There was a brief moment of silence. Liden smiled.


Then a blue glow began to emerge from the remains of the armor. A skeletal wraith which seemed to clamber out of the wrecked armor and began to shamble towards Jin'Lor. It's jaw fell open and a blood chilling scream issued forth as it lunged towards Jin'Lor.

However before it could get to him, it froze in place as a deep rumble filled the air.

Liden had reentered the room, and had gripped the wraith with The Force. It struggled against her grip for a moment before Liden finally crushed the wraith into oblivion. Then she looked to Jin'Lor.

"That is what makes Phantoms so dangerous. Even when you destroy them... they aren't fully gone. In some cases they will continue to attack without their armor, attempting to find a new vessel to prevent them from returning to The Force. In those instances, they are immune to physical damage. Only The Force can protect you from them... Which is why, sadly, many of my men have fallen in battle... A regrettable result of the rise of The Empire was the destruction of the one and only group fully capable of combatting the Phantoms: The Jedi..." Liden chuckled. "A genocide I was part of, ironically. Oh how time reveals our follies..." She nodded to Jin'Lor. "You now know the foe... the danger to the galaxy... will you walk away still? Or will you help? In return I will do what I can to help you. No price is too heavy for what needs to be done."


“ master Mar help” she cryed. Her cry was actually hired by those around her as well.

Mar turned in the direciton of Serenity's cries. However at the moment he had to focus on the very real possibility that they would be detected by the star destroyers. Keran, however, was quick to go to the young padawan, though wary to get within arm's reach should she attempt to ensnare him in another uncomfortable embrace.

"Young one... awaken. You are safe."

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