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Summary: Where did my arm go this time?


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Gender: Female

Age: 26 (Appears/Acts 16)

Group: Padawan


Genetically Engineered Humanoid


Heightened senses.
The Force - powered mostly by heightened emotions.



Physical Appearance

At 4 feet 11 inches, she is a brunette with an ocean blue eye. Her hair hides her right eye that is sealed shut by a scar and stops just past her shoulders. She has brown wolf ears and a fluffy brown rabbit tail. Her skin is alabaster pale. Both her legs and her left arm are silvery grey robotics, though her arm falls off often. The skin around the connectors is scarred badly. In each ear is a black beaded earring. Her top lip is naturally black and there is a barcode on the back of her neck.


Often cheerful and friendly, she bottles up most of her emotions and that turns into the short temper that often gets her in trouble. At times it seems she has a split personality due to a motherly nature, but most of the time she acts like a wild teenager.

When she is in a deeply emotional state, The Force seems to be in more control and she can come off as cold and cruel. (This suggests The Dark Side may have some hold on her.)


Born through cloning and a collective of genetics, she is human, wolf, and rabbit all in one. The day of her "birth", she broke free of the tank she had grown inside of for 10 years by using a huge burst of The Force without realization.

Despite having the body of a 10-year-old, she had the mind of a newborn and was raised with as much love and care as her Creator could offer over the next 12 years. It was combined with yearly visits from Ripper until the last 2 years of her time with Creator.

Over this 12 year time period, her body grew and developed, but she seemed to stop aging at 16 (physically, anyway). Her mind matured quickly and she presented powerful abilities and skills that made Creator proud. The entire time, though, he was slowly injecting her with a special concoction of his own making to get rid of The Force within her. By the time Ripper returned she could barely call a pencil to her hand.

When Ripper made his return, he killed Creator and stole her, taking her to his home where she lost her legs for attempting to escape. For 3 years, she endured living with him, but her constant argumentative nature and stubborn behavior got her in even more trouble. She lost her left arm, right eye, and much more to the man.

The one time he did not lock her up, she made an escape - stole two light sabers, her old bag, and rescued a chicken named Carla. Ever since her escape, she has been constantly on the move and trying to find her place in the galaxy.

On this lonely journey, she wishes to find a family to call her own, but most of all she just wants to return home...

Special Items/Ships

Black ivory bead earrings.
Pink light saber.
Light blue light saber.
A strangely shaped key that looks like a puzzle piece.
Lace full coverage dress.

Items/Ship Descriptions

The earrings are a special gift given to her by the man that created her.

The light sabers were stolen during her escape (she really did not know the colors until she was free).

The puzzle piece key is the only way to enter her home. It is always hidden in her bag or a pocket.

The dress was the second gift given to her by her creator. She never wears it for personal reasons.

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Image of Ghost
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