Surrender Or Die

Ghost looked to Serenity, frowning. "You do realize this is a tactic, right?" She inquired. "If we go out there and fight those blaster happy morons we will die, Serenity. Do you want to die?" Her voice rose with the anger building inside of her. The situation and her physical pain brought on by her missing limbs was already getting her into a bad mood. "You are a padawan, a warrior, correct Serenity? Start acting like one!"

"Ghost..." Thrass attempted to grab at the only flesh and blood arm the wolf eared girl had, but she jerked it away.

"You know I'm right!" Ghost seethed. "All she's done is whine and complain and beg for Master Mar to help us all the time! We are in a life and death situation and she wants to be child about it!"

"You're not being very mature yourself." The chiss interjected.

"I am in pain, Thrass." She retorted. "We have gone from place to place without much of a stop and I have not been able to properly rest. I'm stuck on a damn ship with my rapist of a father and psycho of an uncle. Of course I am angry and unhappy!"

Turning on her heels, Ghost went outside to surrender first. Thrass followed after her to do the same.

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