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Summary: I never miss.


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Gender: Male

Age: 27

Group: Rebel




Book Smart
Gun/Blaster expert



Physical Appearance

With the typical blue skin and red eyes, his hair is charcoal black and falls just past his shoulders. He stands at six feet tall and has a long scar running down his back.


A rather calm individual that rarely shows his emotions. He has a great amount of patience and can easily think his way out of a bad situations. What normally cheers him up is a good cup of tea and shooting at Storm Troopers.


Growing up, he was forced to hop from planet to planet until he was handed his first gun. Taking the time to learn every firearm possible, he kept up his studies and can get out of almost any bad situation. That does not stop him from getting into trouble, though...

His life on a constant move, he takes on odd jobs for a high price before disappearing to the next planet. All he really wants is a reason to shoot the Empire down and for the tea to taste good.

Special Items/Ships

Sniper Rifle
Twin Blaster Pistols
Heavy Cortosis Knife
Silver Pendant Necklace

Items/Ship Descriptions

Sniper Rifle – His personal favorite weapon because he can shoot from long distance and avoid getting caught. It is heavily modified to fit his specifications.

Twin Blaster Pistols – A pair of blasters he got in his youth and just can’t let go. They’re old, but have never let him down.

Heavy Cortosis Knife – He hates when people get up close and is not afraid to pull the basic “stab them first” tactic out of its sheath.

Silver Pendant Necklace – shaped like a bird, it is the only thing he has from his mother.

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Image of Thrass
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